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Rob's  Tours

A walk of gratitude, connection, and engagement on the back streets of Kings Cross


Rob's Tours

Rob's Tours is a walk of gratitude and the realization that all people are vulnerable to, homelessness, and mental health issues. Through meeting the community, and seeing Rob's life first hand, participants also realise that action and compassion are the first steps for us to build the change that society needs.  

Guest Speaking Events

Provide your staff with the opportunity to come together and listen to Rob share not only his story but his latest personal topics: 

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of RONA 2020

Angels Amongst Us

ss5 Waverley College Social Justice Prog

Social Justice Program

The Social Justice Program offers students and teachers a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the issues facing people living on and around the streets of Kings Cross and about the community services groups and non-profit organisations who provide support to them, within the community.

Corporate Volunteering Program

Rob has designed corporate volunteering programs for businesses, organisations, and social community groups, who are seeking highly interactive alternative volunteering options.  


-Raquel B.

"There's nothing more powerful than walking a walk in the care of the person who carved that journey originally all by themselves. Rob took all us frightened little deer (who were trying hard to pretend we weren't) deep into the shadows and back lanes of the Cross where he lived, battled, survived, and found himself. I brought my teen daughter along to share in this privileged look in, and knew that we would be confronted in different ways but would have shared in it...which is what's lasting. And which is what Rob is doing by inviting us in to his shadow past to expose it and share it. Go. It's a privilege."




An opportunity to hear from everyday Australians, politicians, celebrities and influential people, as they share their thoughts and ideas on ending homelessness.


Through a compassionate, candid, and disarming interview style, Rob engages and connects with people inspiring them to commit to making a change. 


David Wenham
Margot Hurwitz
Pastor Jon Owen
Lee Cooper
Chantal Denis
John Walters
Coral and Richard Wallace
Street Sweepers
MR. PERFECT - Terry Cornick