Rob's Tours

Rob's Tours is a walk of gratitude and the realization that all people are vulnerable to, homelessness, and mental health issues. Through meeting the community, and seeing Rob's life first hand,  participants also realise that action and compassion  are the first steps for us to build the change that society needs.  

The iconic Wayside Chapel, where Rob became the community educator years later, is one of the highlights along the tour. Meet Rob's peers and friends in the community as the tour weaves through the streets of Kings Cross. The stories of people and the local area are shared during the tour, and participants report feeling inspired and motivated to join the movement for change. 

Rob's Tour

Rob offers a tour of his life, which will likely be life-changing! As a highly-skilled community educator; Rob will open the world of marginalisation and stigma to students, families, and groups interested in social justice.

Along the route, through alleys and laneways, talk with friends of Rob and share Kings Cross history as well as his story. There are opportunities to engage with respectful curiosity and learn more about the people and places familiar to Sydney's homeless.


The tour can be taken locally, in Kings Cross, or interactively live-streamed to your lounge room or workplace. It would make a fantastic gift for friends or family. Participant feedback is always positive and many have been inspired to go on and make further life changes. 



Community programs tour

Join Rob on a live tour on the streets of Kings Cross. It is a great opportunity to learn more about the people of King's Cross and the services that support them. 

Rob offers a fully interactive session where participants are encouraged to ask questions and share their opinions. The tour takes place within a compassionate judgment-free environment. 

Participants join Rob on the streets of Kings Cross, to experience on a physical level; his description of homelessness and resilience. There is a sense of togetherness and hope as the group learns first hand about the needs of Sydney's homeless. 

Our greatest ability as humans is not to change the world; but to change ourselves. 

                              Mahatma Gandhi

Thank you


Thank you to these amazing people who have supported me to create Off These Streets;

Dickie & Cozz Wallace

Margot & Mike Hurwitz

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Iilan & Dee Hurwitz

Sagar Shah

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Kiara Killip

Graham Long AM

Jon Owen

Sue Haslett 

Chris Roberts

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Dr Chris Davis

Jo Corrigan (Psychologist)

Carolina Earle

Kristen Stewart

I acknowledge the traditional owners and the custodians of this land I work on as the first people of this country.

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